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Setting out on a self-care journey?

Have you considered how people can significantly improve their health, fitness, brainpower and emotional wellbeing when they decided that they really want to?

Choosing to improve how and what you eat can be the best step you take towards  supporting your own health and wellbeing.

Many people find that their health improves when they are taking better care of themselves. Because we are all individuals taking better care means something unique to you, for example it might involve

  • incorporating regular relaxation into your life
  • dealing with stress or sleep issues
  • focusing on having more fun or feeling joyful
  • generating motivation for exercise and movement
  • avoiding processed food, caffeine or alcohol
  • nourishing yourself with anti-inflammatory foods
  • eating a whole food diet with plenty of good hydration

… it’s all about understanding who you are, what you are needing and what really matters to you in life.

As a BANT registered nutrition professional with over 10 years experience of coaching clients and practicing nutrition and lifestyle medicine, I can support you in creating lasting change to your health and wellbeing.

Support for you – Coaching

If you are taking your first steps towards taking better care of yourself, coaching could be a good place to start. Improving your self-care and getting really good at making changes to increase your health and wellbeing takes time, practice and commitment, so it can help to have a coach who can help you to clarify your health goals, create self-care plans and work with you at your pace to achieve your goals. You might also want help to stay motivated and think creativity if you get stuck and have someone there beside you with the experience to help you find your way.

Support for you – Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine

If your self-care is already well managed you might want to undertake an individual nutrition and lifestyle assessment, including Functional laboratory testing, to explore more persistent symptoms or health concerns. With a holistic assessment of your current health concerns, medical history, family history, diet and lifestyle a personalised diet, supplement and lifestyle programme can be recommended.


If you would like to find out how my approach could help you, contact me to book in for a FREE 15 minute consultation.







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