My approach



A Whole Person Approach to nutrition that recognizes that in order to be well, all aspects of a person; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, require nourishment. My focus is on helping you to develop your understanding of how you can work with your body, not against it, to live well and feel good.


I draw both on the ancient Naturopathic philosophy that your body is always seeking to return to a balanced state of wellbeing and on the scientific research base of Functional Medicine. This approach focuses on ‘root cause resolution’ rather than treating or suppressing symptoms.

I believe food is something to be celebrated and enjoyed. I have always had a had a healthy interest in cooking and eating and my approach encompasses developing a positive  relationship with food to support your dietary plan.

We can work together to improve your self-care, enabling lasting dietary and lifestyle change. My approach to diet focuses on moving towards a more wholefood diet with an emphasis on plant foods, quality fats and oils, plant and animal proteins and good hydration.

If you are needing additional support, I also offer detailed individual assessments, backed up by laboratory analysis, to identify underlying causes for poor functioning of the body systems and appropriate recommendations to restore proper functioning. Having laboratory data and personalised dietary and supplement programmes, alongside one to one support, can help you to move forward with confidence.

I began my own practice as a Nutrition and Health Coach in 2006.  I enjoy helping people to understand what health means to them and how changing the foods they eat everyday can bring about positive change to their experience of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

As a working mother with a busy schedule, I understand the challenges of eating well and maintaining a commitment to taking care of yourself.


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