Free 15 minute telephone consultation

Call 07866754038 to book a free consultation.


Online Consultations available online via Skype, FaceTime or Facebook.

Initial consultation

1.5 hours

You will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire and 3 day diet diary to prepare for the consultation.

Working together to develop a holistic assessment of your current health concerns, medical history, family history, diet, self-care skills and capabilities.

I will offer you a recommended personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme and an opportunity for you to begin to explore and define your health and self-care goals.


Follow up appointments

1 hour

Reviewing your progress and self-care plans to keep you on track towards your health goals.  Where laboratory testing was undertaken, reviewing results and adjusting your programme recommendations.


Enhanced Online Coaching

If you would benefit from extra help to stay on track you might also sign up to enhanced coaching. Find accountability and support through a regular dialogue, posting securely and privately online, (or if you prefer by phone).

You can chose to complete weekly progress reports to reflect on your challenges and me ask any questions that come up. I respond to you, helping you to move forward with the issues that matter to you, as they arise.


EatforEnergyApr10.3Group Coaching and Health Foundation Courses

If you like the idea of creating change with the support of a group you might want to consider joining a fortnightly coaching group which offers a supportive environment where you can;

  • Share experiences of making dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Understand how to build the foundations for lasting dietary change
  • Discover what gets you motivated to take an active role in your healthcare
  • Gain new insights on how to overcome your challenges
  • Get organised and create personalised Self-Care Plans
  • Reflect on progress and celebrate successes
  • Grow your knowledge and understanding of nutrition in a cost effective way





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